Similization Line



Similization is a  refining technology: by metal silver reduction, the reverse side of glass stones is provided with a thin layer, protected against  oxidation with a layer of colourless laquer pigmented with bronze or aluminium powder.

The silver is sprayed over the surface, while both its components are mixed  just before the reduction. The laquer layer is sprayed.

The individual stones to be covered with the two layers are fixed in a foil to provide proper orientation – the free side is to be sprayed then.

The plates prepared in this way are placed on the conveyer belt of the  similization line, above which washing brushes with demi water are situated, and with an activation unit and blow jets. Further, in the direction of the belt movement, there is a spraying box situated above the plates, provided with  a pendulous arm with two double-jet spraying guns. Residual products are sucked off the box.  Behind the box, there are the blow jets and a drying tunnel, in which hot air is brought in order to conduct the residual moisture away from the plate surface.

Spraying the laquer layer is simplier since there is no need of washing. The spraying box is the same; however, the guns are different. They are remote-controlled, and the mixture is being mixed  continuously.


 Similization Device:

1. Silver-coating line, consisting of a line conveyor  provided with a washing tunnel and brushes, and a spraying box with two guns and drying tunnels including a sucking-off function

2. Bronze-coating carousel (drying tunnels not included), sucking-off function provided

3.Setting Devices (square)    6 pc

4.Fixing devices (square)      6 pc

5.Defixing devices (square)   3 pc

6.Cutting of clingfilm             1 pc




 Individual adaptation on request. 






If putting into operation and personnel training abroad is required, the customer provides airtickets, accommodation and meals. Time needed for the putting into operation and personnel training is up to 10 days.





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